Outcry The Play

A play inspired by the deaths of black men in America, written by Thais Francis.

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OUTCRY is an experimental piece that uses dance, humor and heightened language to combine the worlds of the Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, Mamie Till, Amadou Diallo and protagonist Nicole Bell  (fiancé of murdered Sean Bell). In this alternate reality they must reckon with their fates in order to find the answers they are desperately seeking. 

Thais Francis, then a student at New York University, wrote OUTCRY in response to the American justice system’s repeated pardons of police brutality. Since it’s 2012 debut at NYU, OUTCRY has had several productions in NYC, the DC area, Atlanta and the US Virgin Islands. It has been used in high schools and colleges to facilitate dialogue about race and the state of black lives in America. 


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